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#TheWeekendList: 26-28 March 2021

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2. HEYTEA Launches New Soymilk Bobo

China’s most popular tea brand HEYTEA 喜茶 is set to change the tea drinking experience with its new concoction — the Soymilk Bobo. Indeed, this is one drink that will surprise you with every sip!

Surprisingly, the multi-textured Soymilk Bobo comes with not one, not two, but five different textures and mouthfeels: Creamy fresh-brewed milk tea made from a heavenly blend of premium Red Blossom black tea and rich milk, silky and savoury soymilk pudding, chewy Taro bobo that’s freshly prepared every day, fluffy soymilk cream made using a secret HEYTEA recipe, and a sprinkle of powdery golden-tan soybean flour on top. The varied flavours and ingredients mean that each sip you take will be different.

HEYTEA’s Soymilk Bobo available at all HEYTEA stores at S$7.80 for a limited time period only.

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