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#TheWeekendList: 14-16 January 2022

Start your Chinese New Year shopping or take a back seat with a glass of Singapore Sling at Long Bar.

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1. Spring in the S.E.A.

This Lunar New Year, S.E.A. Aquarium encourages you to make conscious environmental choices. Inspired by the aquarium’s very own Fu-Lu-Shou, the adorable Manta mascot trio will be dressed in their festive best. Furthermore, it is made using up-cycled and pre-loved materials. In addition, this Year of the Tiger, look forward to the perfect photo spot at the vibrant Sand Tiger Shark Wall Mural. Featuring the aquarium’s star animal of the year, the sand tiger shark. A symbol of strength and might, the “tiger” in the sand tiger shark’s name was inspired by their big appetite.

Lastly, Fortune seekers can journey through the auspicious Trail of Fortune adorned with bright red lanterns, beautiful oriental patterns and magical fairy lights. Along the trail, guests are encouraged to keep their eyes peeled for the aquarium’s five auspicious animals of the year – the sand tiger shark, red lionfish, weedy seadragon, tiger cowrie and alligator gar.

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