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#TheWeekendList: 12-14 March 2021

Grab your BFF and enjoy a burger deal at Fatburger or go on a cute glamping trip at River Safari!

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10. Goodwood Park Hotel Durian Fiesta 2021

Goodwood Park Hotel’s much-celebrated Durian Fiesta is back on 8 March. This year, the hotel celebrates 38 years of fiesta success with a new repertoire of innovative durian pastries and perennial favourites to satiate the cravings of all durian fanatics.

From 8 March to 1 August 2021, bask in the ambrosial decadence of handcrafted D24 and ‘Mao Shan Wang’ durian pastries specially curated by the hotel’s pastry chefs. The new creations are delightfully heart-warming with creative renditions of local classic snacks as well as sweet treats that impress with luscious opulence and visual presentation.

The 2021 collection introduces irresistible confections such as:
– D24 Pandan Waffle Cake
– D24 & Sweet Potato in Chestnut Tartlets
– D24 Trio Chocolate Cake
– Mini D24 Salted Caramel Delights
– D24 Kueh Dadar
– Deep-Fried D24 in Layered Flaky Pastry

Look forward to treasured mainstays such as D24 Mousse Cake, D24 Puff and D24 Crêpe.

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