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Enjoy the Sweetest Seafood at Half the Price at Tian Tian Fisherman’s Pier Seafood Restaurant

The MICHELIN Plate awarded Tian Tian Fisherman’s Pier Seafood Restaurant is offering 50% off its latest addition Steamlicious Steampot Seafood Set Menus for a limited time only.

Available for dine-in with a minimum of 2 persons, the Steamlicious Steampot Sets from S$29.80 per pax (U.P. from S$56++ per pax) will satiate even the most voracious appetites of seafood lovers with great variety and unrivalled freshness.

All the steampots are cooked with high-temperature steam, which retains the nutrition, original texture and fresh flavours of the seafood. Savour the taste of live US oysters, fresh prawns, clams, fan scallops, handmade prawn balls, HK fish balls and more. As the spread is steamed right at your table, you may enjoy the fresh seafood the moment it is cooked.

Round up the meal with the Lobster Poached Rice, a combination of succulent lobster, cooked rice, crispy rice and flavourful juices from the seafood steampot. Each mouthful presents decadent contrasts of crispy and fluffy rice completed with springy bites of lobster.

If the above is not enough, feast on the large array of other seafood dishes cooked in a medley of ways.

There is no doubt crab is one of Singapore’s most popular dish. Served suspended in the air by a pair of hanging chopsticks, the Flying Noodles with Chilli Crab (S$88++) not only warrants a photoshoot bust also for your picky taste buds. Crispy Hong Kong noodles blanketed with a thick, sweet and spicy Chilli Crab Sauce that has been made with Tian Tian’s top-secret recipe warms the palate up for thick, juicy and succulent Sri Lankan crab meat.

Want to have some taste of Hong Kong? The Fried Spicy Crab in Authentic Bi Fen Tang Style (S$88++) serves Sri Lankan Crab fried to golden cuts and sprinkled generously with a fragrant mixture of minced garlic, minced ginger, chilli padi, green onions, dried salted radish, dried red chilli powder and more. Bi Feng Tang translates to mean “typhoon shelter”, referring to the method of cooking it with a lot of heat and rained upon with a lot of spices. It makes for the perfect accompaniment to rice, or on its own.

Beside crab, an original creation by Tian Tian Fisherman’s Pier Seafood Restaurant, the Braised Wild Patin Fish with Golden Soup in Claypot (S$68++) is a must-try. The extremely soft and fragrant fresh fruity White Patin fish is from the Rajang River in East Malaysia, coupled with dried scallops, chicken and over ten different kinds of natural spices, the golden soup made with enoki mushrooms, shredded onions, beancurd and fresh shrimp balls is also a heartwarming bowl of nutrition.

Ask for more? For bite, the Pan-fried Guo Ba with Glutinous Rice (S$38++) promises crunch and satisfaction with every mouthful. Pan-fried with care, the crispy rice crust dish delivers crunch from its mix of pearl, glutinous and five grains rice made extra fragrant with Chinese sausage, diced mushroom and chicken.

In addition to delicious dishes, don’t forget to bring along your phones and cameras to capture the delicacies against the Singapore River.

Tian Tian Fisherman’s Pier Seafood Restaurant is located at 73-75 Boat Quay, Singapore 049861.