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Have the perfect hangover brunch at Potato Head Folk

The burger concept introduces a new weekend brunch menu complete with bak kwa griddlecakes and cocktails

Bak Kwa To Basics

The Bak Kwa to Basics is sure to cure any hangover.

You awake with bloodshot eyes, a spinning head and a strong desire to nurse your hangover, pronto. Here’s the drill: Gather your squad and head to Potato Head Folk for some of the full-flavoured signature burgers that the outlet is known for.

With a new and exciting weekend brunch menu named “The Wild Brunch”, the burger concept diner offers even more reasons for you to pay a visit.

If reality is still spinning


The Wubenz is packed full of 96-hour cooked salt beef, cooked Sriracha style.

If you’ve had one drink too many, make a beeline for the Wubenz ($18). Like a Reuben sandwich, but way cheekier, this one comes with 96-hour cooked salt beef, Sriracha style, and is topped with smoked cheese on griddlled rye bread. The slow heat imparted from the Sriracha will awake your tastebuds in no time.

If you’ve only had a few drinks

Bak Kwa To Basics3

The charred and caramelised bak kwa is a good alternative to candied bacon.

Go Bak Kwa to Basics ($12) and line your churning stomach with some good grease. This decadent creation consists of coconut rice griddlecakes topped with Keong Saik bak kwa and is drenched in maple syrup.

With a lighter texture than flour-based pancakes, the moist and fluffy griddlecakes soaked up the maple syrup nicely. Have a slice or two of the beautifully charred and caramelised bar kwa with your griddlecakes — it tastes even better than candied bacon.

If you’re craving for more tipple

Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary will hit the spot with its classic savoury-spicy flavours.

We understand, alcohol evaporates quickly. If you’re still up for it, go for Potato Head folk’s selection of handcrafted brunch cocktails, each going at an additional $22. There’s the Bloody Mary which will hit the spot with its classic savoury-spicy flavours.

Bunny Mary

Carrot juice or Bloody Mary with a twist?

Our pick is the Bunny Mary, its innocent-sounding gin-based counterpart which tastes like carrot juice at first sip but packs a punch with hints of tabasco and pepper.

If you’re in the mood to #eatclean

Silibil N Brain Grains3

Start your day on the right note with the Silibil N Brain Grains. 

We’re not sure what the Scottish hip hop duo thinks about being named after a brunch dish, but Silibil N Brain Grains ($16) will leave you feeling all wholesome about your meal choices. The granola bowl consists of organic buckwheat, quinoa, chia and flax seed granola, topped with a quenelle of unflavoured greek yogurt and seasonal berries.

On the side is a small dish 0f gula melaka (palm sugar) syrup, which you can either dip your granola in or proceed to pour all over your bowl — we recommend the latter. Bits of raisins and dried berries lent a much-needed sweetness to this otherwise bland dish.

Most of the brunch offerings also come with moreish tater tots. Made from deep fried, grated potato, they are bit-sized and paired with either a Hollandaise sauce or Russian dressing for your dipping pleasure. We can’t think of a better way to spend our weekends!

Potato Head Folk, 36 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089143, Tel: 6327 1939

by Samantha Francis