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Devil’s in the details: Bowmore Devil’s Cask III has arrived

The latest expression of the whiskey is matured in two sherry casks

Bowmore Devil's Casks III bottle + pack shot

The Devil’s Cask III offers incredible intensity and richness.

Here’s a sin you won’t be afraid to commit — the highly anticipated Bowmore Devil’s Cask III has arrived in Singapore.

The Folklore

As the legend goes, a cold westerly breeze off the coast of Scotland will carry you to the remote and rugged isle of Islay, an island which was rumoured to once be home to the Devil himself.  On previous sightings, it is said that the Devil was chased through the village of Bowmore into the gates of Islay’s first distillery. Every inch was searched, but the Devil was nowhere to be seen; he was thought to have escaped inside a cask of Bowmore, bound for the mainland.

Double Sherry Casks

Compared to its predecessor The Devil’s Cask II, the latest edition is matured in not just one but two types of sherry casks. Marrying dry Oloroso sherry casks and sweet Pedro Ximénez sherry casks, The Devil’s Cask III offers an incredible intensity and richness that will tempt whisky fans with double the complexity and double the flavour.

The Devil’s Casks III is available exclusively at The Beam Cellar, located at 229 Mountbatten Road, #01-03 to 07 / #01-17 to 19, Mountbatten Square, Singapore 398 007.

by Samantha Francis