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Get Your Coffee Fix at the Tiny Roaster

Westsiders take note, a gourmet coffee studio has opened up for your daily java

If you’re very particular on how you like your coffee down to the origin of the beans and the roasting, you’d be happy to know that you can get all that and more at Tiny Roaster.

White Brew from Tiny Roaster

Nestled in the far end of an estate next to West Coast Plaza, Tiny Roaster is not just your run-of-the-mill hipster café… it is more of a coffee studio that sells freshly brewed coffee. You won’t find fancy drinks or Frappuccino’s here, though; this is a place for serious coffee drinkers.

Ethical Coffee

The Tiny Roaster was founded in 2013, supplying equipment and home-roasting supplies to home coffee roasters in Singapore. They also bring in speciality coffee beans from ethically and socially responsible coffee processing mills for re-packaging for the daily consumer.

They only serve freshly brewed coffee no food. Yes, you read right: no food. Tiffany Chan of The Tiny Roaster says, “We will not be serving food at our coffee studio, as it is purely a coffee space where coffee junkies can hang out and chill. However, we will be holding some occasional coffee-food pairing sessions when we have new coffee arrivals.” 14558823701_20467b4868_o

The menu features two to three single origin Black Brews ($4 -$4.50) rotated on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, White Brews ($4.50 -$5) – Tiny Roaster’s version of the latte – and Vienna Coffee ($5) – a dessert-styled coffee with brown sugar and topped with whipped cream.

Artisanal Roasted Beans

14562214865_33e76ef6ef_oThe Tiny Roaster takes coffee-drinking very seriously. They brew the coffee with Kalita drippers, which they also sell. The beans are also roasted by the studio itself, which ranges from Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee to Chiang Mai organic coffee.

The Tiny Roaster also carries the Quest M3 home electric coffee roaster and the Kalita Wave 155 stainless steel dripper ($42.50) and brown filters ($6.50), should you wish to embark on a coffee-brewing DIY project at home.

Make sure to follow The Tiny Roaster’s Facebook page for updates on its Roasting Sessions and Brewing Sessions to learn more about how to do coffee better.

Visit the www.thetinyroaster.com and www.facebook.com/thetinyroaster