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Joyful Feasting at Joyden Seafood Restaurant

Probably one of the best kept secrets of the West, Joyden Seafood Restaurant is set to make some joyful noise

Living in the west I always bemoaned the lack of good food around my area, but little did I know of the hidden gem nestled right by my home.

I’m not even exaggerating about Joyden Seafood Restaurant being right by my home. It’s a mere overhead bridge away from my block. I’ve just never visited and boy, how I wished I went earlier.

Celebrating its tenth anniversary, Joyden Seafood Restaurant– formerly known as West Coast Seafood- is hidden in the carpark of West Coast Recreational Centre. It serves traditional Chinese seafood as well as a classic Cantonese dim-sum menu in the day.

Classic Chinese Dishes

Lemongrass Pork Ribs in Yam Ring

One of my favourite dishes from Chinese cuisine is the yam ring. The simple fried yam ring, when done correctly can be crisp and pillowy at the same time. The Lemongrass Pork Ribs in Yam Ring ($25-$38) from Joyden is definitely my favourite dish.

Joyden Signature Cream Crab

Putting a spin on the traditional yam ring with pork ribs encased within, the pork ribs are seasoned with lemongrass, ginger flower, chilli, Chinese wine and molasses resulting in a sweet and lightly spiced pork rib. A refreshing change from the usual cashew chicken, and of course, the yam ring was crisp and pillowy.

The Joyden’s Signature Creamy Crab (Market Price), is also a nice change from the standard pepper or chilli crab. The steamed crab is steeped in milk and pumpkin puree with curry leaves, chilli padi and black pepper. Order a dish of fried buns to mop up the velvety sauce.

Traditional Delights

For traditionalists, familiar dishes such as the Steamed Lobster with Glutinous Treasure Rice (Market Price). It comes in a bamboo basket which reveals steaming lobsters over a layer of glutinous rice with dried shrimps, shallots, Chinese sausage and scallions. Surprisingly, the glutinous rice stole the show from the lobster in this dish as all the flavours have seeped into the rice.

Steamed Lobster with Glutinous Treasure Rice

Joyden Seafood Restaurant also has its own dim sum chef, so for dessert –apart from the standard mango sago – you can pick Baked Mini Egg Custard Tart ($3.60) or Salted Egg Custard Bun ($4.20). This hidden gem is not so hidden anymore.

Joyden Seafood Restaurant, West Coast Recreation Centre, 12 West Coast Walk, #01-11, Singapore 127157, Tel:  6779 5355

By Cheryl Chia