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A Thai meal fit for royalty at Patara

Patara impresses with authentic Thai cuisine and great service

Chef Chimkit Khampuang is part of the team at Patara Fine Thai Cuisine
Chef Chimkit Khampuang is part of the team at Patara Fine Thai Cuisine

At times I’ve found the idea of fine dining rather unappealing, considering I’ve had the misfortune to experience overpriced food paired with bad service, and yet in a restaurant that demands prim and proper manners.

Thankfully, Patara is a welcome respite in the sea of stifling and disappointing fine dining restaurants. Loved for its authentic and classic Thai cuisine, Patara is an elegant restaurant with warm and hospitable service.

Even the porcelain vessels look regal
Even the porcelain vessels look regal

Fit for Royalty

Situated in the cosy enclave of Tanglin, Patara’s interior is classy without trying too hard. Traditional wood carvings greet you in the lemongrass-scented ambience.

The refined décor is fitting of the royal Thai cuisine it serves.

The Esteemed Chef’s Creations

When we were told that new and exquisite additions — specially created by renowned chef Chumpol Jangprai — were made to Patara’s menu, we were excited to give them a try.

The Kaeng Lueng Pla Hima, a dish of Southern Thai style yellow curry with black cod, scored highly for its freshness and rich flavours. The yellow curry was mellow in heat, and paired well with the delicate and mild taste of the cod fish.

Served in a Thai Benjarong, a porcelain bowl traditionally used for royal banquets, we couldn’t help but feel luxurious as we dug in.

We also enjoyed the Tom Som Pla Krabok, a sweet and sour soup with mullet, where the piquant flavours of kaffir lime came through nicely. One of the appetisers, Koi Pla Tuna, a spicy tuna tartar salad in Thai style herb dressing, was palatable but nothing remarkable. We found the tuna’s texture a little too mushy for our liking, while the dressing did little to lift the dish.

Stuffed as we were, we had to indulge our sweet tooth at the end. The chef’s interpretation of the durian dessert, Mor Kaeng Durian, was served in the form of a baked Thai-style durian cake with coconut milk. Balanced in its sweetness, and a great match for the accompanying scoop of coconut ice cream, the dessert was a satisfying end to our meal.


The Devil’s in the Details

Look forward to a sweet end to the meal
Look forward to a sweet end to the meal

Apart from Chef Chumpol’s delectable creations, some of the regular items on Patara’s menu stood out. The attention to detail, even in these dishes, was obvious.

The See Krong Kae Yang, a Pan-seared Lemongrass-marinated Rack of Lamb was perfectly charred on the outside and tender on the inside. The use of lemongrass gave it a subtle fragrance that highlighted the meat’s natural jus.

The unlikely pairing of the lamb with Glutinous Rice Pancake resulted in a dish that was surprisingly well-balanced with sweet and savoury flavours. Afterwards, we couldn’t help but wish that the pancake was also served together with the coconut ice cream!

Finally, merit must be accorded to the humble glass of Thai Iced Tea that accompanied my meal. With cubes of frozen Thai tea in place of ice cubes, my drink was kept rich and refreshing throughout.

This was truly a meal fit for royalty.


Patara, Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road, #03-14, Singapore 247933, Tel: 6737 0818


By Samantha Francis