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Fitness gadgets that help you train better and smarter

Pump up your workouts with these fitness wearables

It used to be difficult to calculate the amount of calories you burn with every gym session or workout, but not any more. These specially designed exercise gadgets, which allow you to see the technical breakdown of your workout, will help you train better, harder and smarter.


Sony Smart B-Trainer

Sony’s latest training headset (right) is the best running companion you can ever dream of, especially if you love music as much as your run.

The Sony Smart B-Trainer ($399) measures your heart rate, calories burnt, and even the angle of elevation as you run. To top it all off, the gadget doubles as an MP3 player and has an in-built GPS to track your running distance.

Also, the Smart B-Trainer automatically plays music according to your heart rate. It will play songs with a faster tempo to encourage you to run faster to meet your pre-set target and vice versa.

The Smart B-Trainer is also waterproof and washable. Now you don’t have to ever worry about your fitness wearables spoiling when it starts to pour in the middle of your run.

Available at Sony stores and Sony retailers


Xiaomi Mi Band

The Mi Band has an in-built pedometer

If you are new to fitness wearables and can’t quite decide on which specific one you are looking for, then the Mi Band ($19.90) could be it.

The Mi Band, which is worn on your wrist, has an in-built pedometer and measures your sleep cycles. The gadget, which can run for up to 30 days with a single battery charge, also doubles as an alarm clock and can notify you when you have an incoming call on your smartphone.

Available at www.mi.com/sg


Wear the Misfit Shine as a necklace or clip-on

Misfit Shine

This is possibly the most glammed up version of any wearable. Shine ($179) is elegant, vibrantly coloured and tastefully crafted for the trendy.

What sets Shine apart from the rest of the wearables is that you get to choose how you want to wear it. The gadget is actually just a pendant, so you get to choose if you want to wear it as a necklace, a clip-on or as a wrist accessory.

Shine measures steps, calories burnt, distance, automatically monitors the quality of your sleep and duration. It also has a watch function that the Mi Band lacks.

For those who prefer to wear their fitness wearable as a fashion statement, Shine has a Swarovski edition that has got all the bling.

Available at the Apple Store


The Garmin Swim records stroke count
The Garmin Swim records stroke count

Garmin Swim

The Garmin Swim ($239) is, as its name suggests, a wrist-wearable specially designed for swimming. Just strap it on, hit start and plunge into the pool while this wearable measures and records your performance.

Concentrate on perfecting your swimming strokes while Garmin Swim measures and records distance, pace, stroke count and stroke type. The device is water resistant up to a depth of 50m, making it safe for pool or open sea swimming use, but not deep scuba diving.

Available at authorised retailers, including Best Denki and Lazada


By Geralyne Kaye


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