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Soothe Your Soul With Soft Tofu Soup at SBCD Korean Tofu House

Available in four levels of spiciness, the silken tofu is handmade fresh daily

Photo: SBCD Korean Tofu House

The burgeoning wave of Korean restaurants shows no signs of slowing down, although it’s been edging towards healthy of late.

SBCD Korean Tofu House is the latest addition to the dining scene in the Central Business District (CBD), with a focus on healthy, home-style Korean food.

Each soontofu dish is created with silken tofu that is hand-made fresh daily.

Whether you’re health-conscious or simply fancy a lighter meal, they’ve got a well-rounded selection to whet your appetite.

As its name suggests, the “soon” in “soontofu” means soft.

The restaurant specialises in soft tofu, which is made with mature white soybeans that are boiled, curdled and pressed.

Tofu and meats

Each soontofu dish is created with silken tofu that is hand-made fresh daily and prepared in broths that come in four different levels of spiciness, from mild, medium, spicy to crazy hot.

At the restaurant, soontofu soup is served with an egg and individually prepared in a rich, savoury broth along with generous portions of meat.

If you’re familiar with the greasy Korean foods, whether it’s fried pancake or barbequed meats, these comforting soft tofu dishes will leave you feeling nourished for a change.

Side dishes (banchan) such as the kimchi and spicy squid strips, come with every meal.

Another interesting dining quirk here is the method in which the rice is served.

Each bowl of rice is served in a hot stone bowl and scooped out into a metal bowl. A think crust of scorched rice, called nurungji, will remain in the hot stone bowl.

Then, corn tea will be added into the mixture and covered to retain the heat, and to further cook the leftover rice.

As the meal concludes, one can then can enjoy a bowl of nurungji bap, a rice porridge dish that is not only nutritious but also aids digestion.

#B1-01/02, Tanjong Pagar Centre, 7 Wallich Street