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Saddle Up With The My Little Pony Gang At Their First Pop-Up Café In Singapore

The magic of friendship is infused in these adorable sweets and eats

Photos: Kumoya

Call up all your besties, because our favourite equestrian gals are galloping up to town!

We were just thinking that we’d miss their ongoing Mr. Men and Little Miss-themed instalment after it ends on 30 September, when Kumoya announced they won’t be taking a break, but returning immediately with adorable My Little Pony! From 27 September to 30 December, Kumoya is transforming into Equestria for the first My Little Pony pop-up café in Singapore as well as Southeast Asia.

If Kumoya’s long list of previous ventures – before Mr. Men and Little Miss, we hung out with Tokidoki, Care Bears, Miffy, and Cinnamoroll – are anything to go by, you can expect to step into a colourful land of magic, friendship, and happiness, come 27 September. Fillies and gentlecots, get ready to dine amidst rainbows, fluffy white clouds, and stars. And let’s not forget our fabulous mares – Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy will greet you from the door to every corner of the glittering café.

At the skilled hand of food artist Shirley Wong (aka Little Miss Bento), Kumoya is putting together a My Little Pony-inspired menu of snacks, mains, desserts, and drinks sure to blow your horseshoes off! We’re talking pink heart-shaped fluffy rice, toasted rainbow bread, pancakes sporting Twilight Sparkle’s cutie mark, and soda with fluffy cotton candy. You can even enjoy complimentary limited-edition merchandise with certain purchases.

Here are some of the gorgeous and tantalising items on the menu we can’t wait to try:

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Friendship Meets Love Seafood Curry Rice ($28.90)

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