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Of Coffee, Kueh And Toolang: We Went On A Self-Drive Foodie Expedition In Singapore With Car-Sharing Service Smove

We mapped out a delicious drive route you can go on a whim

When Singaporeans bring their foreign friends around Singapore, these visitors will most likely conclude the day with wide smiles and stomaches bursting at the seams. We daresay just by our multifaceted culinary scene is enough to reveal much to know about Singapore.

And regardless of whether there is an overseas acquaintance to impress, we certainly have no qualms about embarking on our own culinary excursions with other passionate foodies. After all, Singapore is a tight-knitted nation, where traipsing across one hawker centre to a Michelin-starred restaurant is only but a hop, skip, drive away.

While Singapore’s public transportation system is efficient, commencing a food trail in your own vehicle will make the journey a lot smoother. And fret not if you are not blessed with your own shiny four-wheel steed (COE prices, we’re looking at you), there’s always the option of getting a rental from car sharing service Smove.

The car sharing company is great for one-off trips with its pay-by-the-hour format. So in case of a last-minute extension to your foodie adventure, you can always opt to top up one more hour to the rental if no one made a prior booking. Smove also boasts more than 100 pick-up/drop-off locations in Singapore. This means you can pick up your rental at say, in Bedok before dropping off the car at Serangoon at the end of the drive.

We tested out Smove’s car-sharing service by getting into one of the rentals before speeding off on a culinary expedition!

Swipe through the slideshow for what went down and more importantly, all the delicious treasures we found!

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1. Joo Chiat Precinct for breakfast

Chop chop – we’ve got a lot of ground to cover! We eased into a Smove rental which we booked for the day. Registration and reservation were all easily made online, and the best part is, there is no need to spend extra on a deposit or any monthly fees!

So let’s start East, specifically the Joo Chiat precinct where the Peranakan heritage is rich as the amount of culinary eats found in the area.  Not only is this part convenient for those picking up a visiting tourist from Changi Airport, but Joo Chiat hosts some eateries that open their shutters as early as the crack of dawn.

Photo: Firebake 

For really early risers, there is either the 24/7 Fei Fei Wanton Mee Store or Baba Chews that opens at 630am. If not, wait it out a little later for when Chin Mee Chin Confectionery opens at 830am. The eatery still retains hints of an old-school coffee shop with marble tabletops and patterned flooring and wall tiles, alongside the offering of the quintessential Singaporean breakfast: Kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs. Heartier breakfast options are also offered from the pool of cafes such as Firebake and Forty Hands. Both do serve up darn good coffee too –  we heard the former offers up the traditional Greek coffee!

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