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Romantic Outdoor Dining Places in Singapore

Need a romantic dining spot with fresh air? Prefer an outdoor setting? 

Here are some outdoor dining restaurants that you can consider.

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1. The Halia

The Halia was officially opened in 2001. Nestled in the charming grounds of the Ginger Garden, The Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens is the flagship restaurant of Ginger Garden Dining.

The Halia dining area has full-height glass windows, beckoning the greenery indoors, and allowing guests to dine in the Garden whilst still comfortably ensconced in cool surroundings. Decades-old majestic palm trees stand like sentries, guardian-witness to the earthy beauty that is the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Diners can expect to be charmed by contemporary European cuisine with subtle accents of Asian Flavours while enjoying the surrounding greenery at the same time.

The Halia is located at 1 Cluny Road, Ginger Garden Singapore Botanic Garden, 259569.

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