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Restaurant Review: 5 New Dishes To Try At Neon Pigeon If You’re Feeling Peckish

The restaurant’s been clucking up a storm

You may mistake Neon Pigeon for some sort of underground club. You know, the ones that are literally underground and frequanted by super cool creatives. Sometimes a secret password is required to gain entry.

But the modern Japanese restaurant is anything but that, starting with its location which is at the nook of The Working Capitol. Look beyond the regal vibe of the restaurant’s industrial-esque interior and you’ll be greeted by its innovative drinks, good food and world class service.

Known for the izakaya styled sharing plates, Neon Pigeon introduces 10 new culinary creations that exemplifies its avant-garde approach to classic Japanese dishes. The Autumn menu also strays away from the usual small plates delivery with a singular large format dinner item.

Check out the massive offering, along with four other culinary additions at the restaurant:

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1. Roasted Tomahawk Steak ($25/100g)

Our acquaintance with the tomahawk steak occurred straight after sips of aperitif drinks (we had the Suntory Kakubin Highball ($18).). Flaunted like a firstborn, the massive on-the-bone rib steak was marvelled at before whisked off for its arduous cooking process. Several dishes later, the steak made its return on wooden board, perfectly charred and jiggly with fats. The great thing about this large format dinner item is not only does it cater to large parties, but diners can also pick and choose from the doneness and type of meat. For instance, the redder and fattier slices were found near the steak’s rim, while the more cooked ones at the center. Served with baguette rolls and Crispy Wasabi Salad, the steak can be enjoyed smeared with red miso butter.

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