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Restaurant Review: 5 New Dishes To Try At Neon Pigeon If You’re Feeling Peckish

The restaurant's been clucking up a storm

You may mistake Neon Pigeon for some sort of underground club. You know, the ones that are literally underground and frequanted by super cool creatives. Sometimes a secret password is required to gain entry.

But the modern Japanese restaurant is anything but that, starting with its location which is at the nook of The Working Capitol. Look beyond the regal vibe of the restaurant's industrial-esque interior and you'll be greeted by its innovative drinks, good food and world class service.

Known for the izakaya styled sharing plates, Neon Pigeon introduces 10 new culinary creations that exemplifies its avant-garde approach to classic Japanese dishes. The Autumn menu also strays away from the usual small plates delivery with a singular large format dinner item.

Check out the massive offering, along with four other culinary additions at the restaurant:

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2. Bamboo Shoot Tempura ($11/$20)

Polite murmurs quickly turned into assertive second helpings of the Bamboo Shoot Tempura. Devoid of the usual pungent smell, the assuming dish has its bamboo shoots covered with a blend of Japanese breadcrumbs and cereal crumbs before fried to perfection. Black garlic mayonnaise is then hosed down on the fried shoots, before heaped with fresh chives and katsuobushi flakes. Diners, here we have the Japanese rendition of the french fries – addictive and certainly satisfying.

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