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Nong Geng Ji, the Largest Hunan Restaurant Chain Expands Globally With Its First Outlet In Singapore

Known for drawing long queues and over 100 restaurants in China, Nong Geng Ji, the Largest Hunan Restaurant Chain opens its First Overseas Outlet in Singapore.

Renowned for its exquisite Hunan cuisine, Nong Geng Ji has claimed the top spot on DianPing, China’s equivalent of popular review platforms like Yelp and TripAdvisor, in multiple major cities, including Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai.

The restaurant chain’s dedication to crafting an impeccable dining experience shines through in its meticulous supply chain management. From ingredient selection and sourcing to transportation and preparation, every step is carefully overseen, guaranteeing that every dish you savor is a masterpiece of the finest, top-quality ingredients.

What’s the secret to a successful restaurant? Well, it’s certainly having an outstanding chef! Chef Feng Guo Hua, fondly referred to as Uncle Hua within the culinary community, established Nong Geng Ji in 2017. Some of his notable achievements include receiving the Chinese Culinary Master Award in 2018 and the Chinese Hunan Cuisine Master Award in 2015.

Stir-Fried Pork with Abalone and Chilli (鲍鱼辣椒炒肉)

Some of Nong Geng Ji’s all-time favourites include the Stir-Fried Pork with Abalone and Chilli (鲍鱼辣椒炒肉) priced at S$27.90, a sensation since its launch in June 2022, with over 700,000 servings sold. Hunan Stir-fried Pork, also known as Xiao Chao Rou, is a cherished local delicacy that finds its place in every household. It boasts a robust flavour, owing to the generous use of Hunan green peppers, providing a delightful, subtle spiciness. The tender and succulent pork leg, combined with fiery chillies, is skillfully stir-fried over high heat. This delectable creation is presented in a sizzling wok with a burner, ensuring that each bite is a warm and flavorful delight.

Grass Fish Fillet with Chilli (招牌湖蝶鱼)

Another standout offering at Nong Geng Ji is their renowned Signature Grass Fish Fillet with Chilli (招牌湖蝶鱼), priced at $25.90, a masterpiece generously coated with a flavorful pickled chilli sauce. In Hunan cuisine, pickled chilli sauce is a staple ingredient that adds depth to many dishes and is considered essential by skilled chefs. For this dish, a whole fish is expertly filleted and delicately cooked with the sauce, resulting in each slice boasting a delightfully chewy texture. If you prefer a milder option, this signature dish is also available in a non-spicy version, making it suitable for kids as well.

Stir-fried Beef with Fried Chilli (皱皮辣椒炒牛肉)

And don’t miss out on the Stir-fried Beef with Fried Chilli (皱皮辣椒炒牛肉), priced at $28.90, a flavorful delight that will satisfy your taste buds. Additionally, indulge in the Pan-Seared Green Chillies with Century Egg (擂辣椒皮蛋) presented in a traditional mortar, available for S$11.90. These are just a glimpse of the many other delectable options awaiting you at Nong Geng Ji.

Wuchang Steamed Rice with Sweet Potato and Red Dates (五常米饭)

Looking for a pro tip? Hunan cuisine is renowned for its perfect pairing with rice, and at Nong Geng Ji, they’ve mastered the art of enhancing your dining experience. To truly savour the spicy and delectable dishes, be sure to indulge in their signature Wuchang Steamed Rice with Sweet Potato and Red Dates (五常米饭), available at just S$7.90 per pot. This delightful creation arrives in a piping-hot rice cooker pot brimming with fragrant rice, offering the ideal accompaniment to your flavorful meal, making your dining experience at Nong Geng Ji truly exceptional.

Nong Geng Ji Singapore is located at 16 Collyer Quay #01-01/02, Singapore 049318.

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