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Fresh Eats: New Restaurants To Check Out This Month (June 2021)

Although we are only allowed to dine out in groups of 2, we can’t wait to head down to the newest cafes and restaurants! 

We have put together a list of new dishes and dining places for you guys and gals.

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You need to check out NAE:UM if you love Korean cuisine. NAE:UM is the inaugural restaurant of Chef Louis Han presenting contemporary Seoul cuisine. The restaurant is a labour of love and bears the imprint of a man who, at just 31, has led a life remarkably full and fulfilled.

At NAE:UM, the progressive vibrancy of Seoul meets the flavours of folk traditions and the rest of the world. The menus are episodic and showcase different food stories in Chef Louis’s personal journey.

One of Chef’s favourites is ‘hwae’(sashimi). There is a dish popular with Koreans in the summer called ‘mulhwae’, a cold spicy raw fish soup that makes a refreshing start to a meal with its sour and umami flavours. ‘Jjim’, which means steamed, is a dish that highlights this cooking technique through the delicate flavours of brinedgrouper, accompanied by spanner crab encased in a roulade of thin zucchini slices, cabbage and daikon.

NAE:UM is located at 161 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068615.

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