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Top 8 Bartenders in Singapore to slug it out

Bannie Kang of Swissotel
Bannie Kang of Swissotel
Bannie Kang of Swissotel

The excitement is palpable as the top eight bartenders in Singapore are set to battle it out in Bartender of the Year 2013

The final battle is on the horizon as the top eight luxury bartenders vying for the title of Diageo Reserve World Class Bartender of the Year 2013 – Singapore, have been announced. These top eight bartenders were shortlisted from 15 of Singapore’s top luxury bartenders, following the third challenge hosted by At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy.

The Latest Challenge

The third challenge, themed Bar Chef, called for bartenders to draw inspiration from both the kitchen and the bar. This challenge explored the similarities between the disciplines, from ingredients and methodology to the service ritual and pairing.

Less than 30 minutes before the competition commenced, the judging panel upped the ante with the introduction of a compulsory ingredient – Cacao Nibs, a form of raw chocolate made after cocoa beans are processed and cracked.

To further put their skills and drinks knowledge to the test, the participants also drew lots to determine their base spirit.

Esteemed Judges

Chef Janice Wong, Pastry Chef of the Year 2013 in the recent World Gourmet Series Awards of Excellence, joined four past Diageo Reserve World Class winners from across Asia Pacific to form a respected panel of judges.

“Diageo World Class challenge continuously pushes the boundaries of cocktail experience year after year, drawing talents from all over the world to compete. As an invited judge, the experience was great seeing different techniques used for various applications,” says Chef Janice.

The Challenge Winner

Byron Tan from W Hotel’s Woobar, emerged as challenge winner with his cocktail, ‘Walk the Coco’. Byron infused the Cacao Nibs with Johnnie Walker Gold Label, and garnished with caramelised Nashi pear that gave his cocktail a sweet edge.

“Many of the alumni see the competition as a springboard for their careers,” says Tan.

“It is hard to express the adrenaline rush that the competition creates and I am looking forward to the national finals next month,” he adds.

The Top 8

The Diageo Reserve World Class 2013 – Singapore Top 8 are: Aron Christian Manzanillo (Raffles Hotel, Raffles Courtyard); Adrian Batlle (Catalunya); Alvin Au Yong (The Library); Bannie Kang (Swissotel, City Space); Byron Tan (W Hotel, Woobar); Gan Kwok Yee (Jigger & Pony); Jeremy Chua (28 Hong Kong Street); Zachary de Git (Tippling Club).

They will come together for the finals on Jun 5 to compete to represent Singapore at the Diageo Reserve World Class global finals, aboard the luxury cruise liner Azamara Journey, from Jul 4 to 9.

For more, follow the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/GlobalWorldClassFinals.