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Coffee-infused cuisine

Crealto coffee sunrise inspired infused mixed dishes cuisine dining dessert
Crealto Coffee Sunrise

A special tie-up with renowned chefs sees coffee-infused creations for October

To celebrate the launch of the new Crealto Limited Edition Grand Cru, Nespresso Singapore has teamed up with renowned chefs to introduce special Nespresso Crealto-infused dishes, available only this month.

Crealto was inspired by Michelin-starred chef Mauro Colagreco’s application of long-roasting techniques at low temperatures. Blended from washed Arabicas, the unique character of Crealto allows its rich aroma to be fully appreciated.

Grilled Ribeye in Coffee Beans

The Grilled Ribeye in Coffee Beans with Velvet Chili Sauce & Viola Mash Potatoes ($42++) by Chef Damien Le Bihan of Sabio by the Sea is the only main dish.

Nespresso & Caramel Sundae

Chef Bruno Menard of La Cantine, the first 3-Michelin Star chef to be permanently based in Singapore, has created a coffee-flavoured dessert called Nespresso & Caramel Sundae ($12++).

It is a delectable combination of Chantilly cream, vanilla ice cream, crumble, caramel sauce, ladyfinger biscuits, Valrhona Caramelia Crunchy Pearls and two shots of Crealto.

Crealto Tiramisu

Chef Kentaro Torii of Forlino will be serving the delectable Crealto Tiramisu ($15++) at Forlino.

“They can expect a combination of pleasant bitterness of Crealto and richness of Mascarpone cream, which gives a hint of nut and links to the flavour of Amaretto,” he says.

Crealto Coffee Sunrise

Chef Nicholas Vergnole, Executive Pastry Chef at Me@OUE, has come up with a unique dessert named Crealto Coffee Sunrise ($17++).

“I wanted to emulate the effect of waking up bright and early on a cold winter’s morning, whilst sitting by an open fire and taking in the sunlight while enjoying an excellent cup of coffee,” he says.

The special Crealto-infused creations are available only in October, at each respective restaurant.