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8 Delicious Snowskin Mooncakes You Must Try

If you prefer snowskin mooncakes to traditional mooncakes, here is a list of snowskin mooncakes that you got to try!

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5. Chilli Padi’s Marble Lapis Snowskin Mooncakes collection, S$98.80/box

The Marble Lapis Snowskin Mooncakes is the latest creation from Chilli Padi’s seasonal confectionary brand, Chilli Padi Goodies. Each palm-sized mooncake begins with a ring of Kueh Lapis. Thereafter, the Lapis ring is filled with ganache or cream before being wrapped in snowskin and handcrafted using traditional wooden mooncake moulds.

This year, they have introduced two new flavours:
– Strawberry: Mascarpone cream speckled with strawberries. The velvety smooth core has a touch of tartness, which melds together with the spiced fragrance of the Kueh Lapis
– Sea Salt Gula Melaka: Nectary Gula Melaka paired with pure Sea Salt creates a wonderful blend of decadent cream that adds a modern flavour to a traditional taste.

Marble Lapis Snowskin Mooncakes are available for purchase online. www.chillipadigoodies.com.sg.

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