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The Communal Place: The Hidden Gem In Joo Chiat

Have you ever come across a restaurant that serves delectable food by accident? We did!

We were taking a stroll at Joo Chiat when we came across The Communal. It might not be anything top-notch or expensive/fanciful, but every dish that we tried touched our palettes and our hearts.

There are three concepts behind the Chefs’ innovations in the new menu – Connection, Harmony, and Reflection. We felt all three in their food.

Fish Taco, S$23.00

To be honest, we are no fans of tacos but The Communal Place’s Fish Taco (S$23.00) changed our perception of tacos. A generous slice of beer-battered dory can be found wrapped inside the taco and what makes the taco unique is their homemade chipotle mayo sauce! We could not stop at one!

Yuzu Chicken, S$23.00

We thought that was the highlight for us until we were served their Yuzu Chicken (S$23.00). You can literally “taste” the sweetness of yuzu and the fragrance of chicken even before you put them into your mouth.

Octopus Chorizo, S$18.00

For people who love side dishes and beer, we recommend you give their Octopus Chorizo (S$18.00) a try. Enjoy tantalising golden gravy cascading down mashed potatoes (reinvented from Bangers and Mash) with generous portions of octopus and Chorizo. You simply can’t give this a miss.

Bouillabaisse, S$18.00

If you are feeling a little on the low side, order a bowl of Bouillabaisse (S$18.00) to warm up your heart. We certainly did not expect this dish to be so flavourful! A warm bowl of stew that is made up of multiple kinds of seafood to give you the extra sweetness you need in your life! The stew was boiled to perfection for hours and hours.

A location for the community first, then Food, Drink and Gossip. The Communal Place serves good food at pocket-friendly prices! Perfect for friends and family gatherings!

The Communal Place is located at 465 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427677.

A Chinese version of the article appeared here.

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