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Clam Dishes You Must Have At Putien

Putien celebrates Duo Tou Clam Festival with seven new clam dishes

By Nicole-Marie Ng; Photos: Courtesy of Putien

For 600 years, Duo Tou Village in the Hanjiang district of Putian has been breeding the best clams in China. Each clam is close to 6cm long and is full of succulent clam meat.

The clams harvested in Duo Tou are second to none thanks to the rare black mud the clams are bred in. The coastal soil is rich in nutrients and does not contain a lot of sand particles, ensuring that you never get a gritty clam.

Every year Putien will fly in hundreds of kilograms of these clams to celebrate Duo Tou Clam festival, the period where the clams are at their prime. From April to August, have a taste of these meaty clams done in various styles.


Baked PUTIEN Clam served on Hot Plate

Baked Putien Clam ($20.90)

Sometimes, simple is best. Have the Duo Tou clams in the purest state possible by having the Baked Putien Clams. Choose to dip the clams in some sea salt or have them as it. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the natural briny juices of the clam without any other additives.


PUTIEN Clam Omelette

Putien Clam Omelette ($20.90)

With clams big enough to be oysters, this dish is reminiscent of the oyster omelettes you’ll be able to find at hawker centres sans the excessive oiliness. In fact, this homely dish is made with minimal salt and oil for a healthy take on the local favourite.


Steamed PUTIEN Clam with Wine

Steamed Putien Clam with Wine ($20.90)

For something a little more intense, try the clams steamed with traditional Huadiao Chinese wine. The alcohol is gently infused into the clams and the clams also impart some of their sweetness into the wine soup that you can slurp up after you’ve had all the clams.


Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon

Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon ($8.90)

While they don’t use the Duo Tou clams in this dish, no trip to Putien would be complete without having their fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon. The restaurant imports their ultra fine sundried vermicelli from Putian and each strand is thin yet elastic enough to feel substantial on the palate.

It is then fried together with a combination of seafood including clams, prawns and dried scallops.


Putien. #04-12, 2 Orchard Turn, The Orchard Residences, Singapore 238801.