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Beer 101: What Makes A Good Beer?

We speak to Master Brewmaster, George Reisch, about beers and why we can’t get enough of them

By Nicole-Marie Ng

Most people grow up drinking milk, apple juice, or chocolate drinks but not George. George Reisch grew up in a brewery and his parents used to spike his drinks with beer from a young age.

As a fifth-generation brewmaster from a brewing family, George has spent 37 years brewing and drinking countless types of beer. He’s even judged international beer competitions and knows what truly makes a good beer.

These days, George spends his time as the Director of Brewmaster Outreach at Anheuser-Busch, becoming the spokesperson of some of Anheuser-Busch’s most famous beers. These include the Budweiser and Bud Light which rose to fame after their “wassup” commercial.

So if you’re looking to settle an argument once and for all on what makes a good beer, George has the answers for you. Let the expert teach you a thing or two about this sparkling, golden beverage that you might not have known before.


The three components of good beer

So what exactly makes a good beer? To George, it’s simple. A good beer has a story, the right glass, and the best food.

1. The story

Imagine that you’re trying to set your friend up on a date. You tell him that the girl is smart, beautiful, charming and all the other wonderful traits of the lady you have in mind. By the time you’re done describing her, your friend will most likely be dying to know her name.

To George, it works the same way with beer. If Ia beer has a good story, it’ll reveal key pieces of information such as where the beer is made, as well as what ingredients and yeast are used to make it. By painting a story before revealing the name of the beer, people are more drawn to the history of the beer and partake in the full experience.


2. The glass

Just like how our fashion choices give us character, a good glass also adds a certain pizzazz to the beer.

“The worst thing you can do is to have a beer straight from the bottle or can. The right glass enhances the taste of the beer because you’re sticking your nose in and breathing it in deeply. The smell of hops is a relaxant and is also one of the reasons why beer is such a great social beverage that will help you unwind after a long day.”

3. The food

In a study done by Suntory brewers in Japan, they found that beer actually enhances your appetite, so beer and food should go together hand in hand.

A beer will taste its best if it’s paired with the food that has been traditionally served with it for hundreds of years. For example, the Lowenbrau draft beers are should be served with food you would find in Munich because that’s where the beer is from. Beer and food should create a perfect marriage in your mouth where the two are better together.

The carbonation of beer also helps to carry the aroma of food from the back of your mouth to the nose, intensifying the flavours of your meal.

A good beer should create joy

Ultimately, George believes that if a beer creates and brings joy to your life, it’s a good beer. Have a taste of good beer at Brotzeit where all the beers are served correctly — in the right glass, tapped the correct way and served up at the right temperature. You will also be able to try Anheuser-Busch’s best German brews, the Franziskaner and Lowenbrau draft beers, which are available for the first time exclusively at Brotzeit.


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