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Blending History And Coffee: Nespresso Doles Out Its Limited Edition Coffees Inspired By Historical Coffee Houses

Set sail on a journey of history and coffee

Be enthralled by the regality and warm of the first coffee houses in Venice and Istanbul, with Nespresso’s latest launch of its two newest, limited edition coffees—Café Istanbul and Caffè Venezia.

With Caffè Venezia being inspired by the complex and elegant coffee houses of Venice, this blend is the perfect muse and inspiration in a cup. Taste history as delicate Ethiopian beans is mixed with Indian Arabica beans for an exotic, floral roasted flavour.

Follow the footsteps of the past and enter the birthplace of the coffee houses in Istanbul with Café Istanbul. With its intense, black and oriental notes, Café Istanbul will inspire any black coffee lover by taking them directly into the heart of the wild and bustling atmosphere of that time.

Yemeni Mocha coffee is blended with beans from the East Indies and India in an intense roast, bringing out hints of black pepper and spice.

Also, look out for exclusive Nespresso creations at the Nespresso Boutiques using these limited edition blends, such as the Cappuccino Oriental using the Cafe Istanbul, and the Cardamom Espresso using the Caffe Venezia.

Cardamom Espresso availability: now till 24 February, 4 – 10 March, 18 – 24 March

Cappucino Oriental availability: 25 February – 3 March, 11 – 17 March, 25 – 3 April

Café Istanbul and Caffè Venezia are available at $8.80 per sleeve at all Nespresso boutiques and online.