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Get Your Game On At Sandbox VR

Immerse yourself into a world of action with Sandbox VR’s latest VR technology.

Photo: Sandbox VR

VR technology has been making waves recently, so when we heard about Sandbox VR’s latest game – Amber Sky 2088 – we were excited to give it a try!

Sandbox VR makes use of the latest VR hardware technology, movie quality real-time motion capture rigs and AAA-quality content for all their original games. There are three, including Amber Sky 2088: The Curse of Davy Jones, as well as Deadwood Mansion, and we had the chance to try out all of them!

First off, we were required to suit up in the gaming gear provided: a VR head-mounted display, a headset, a backpack PC, a haptic tactsuit and motion-capture devices on their wrists and ankles. The friendly staff will brief you beforehand, but do be sure to strap on your wrist and ankle devices correctly (and tight!) The haptic tactsuit is embedded with more than 40 vibration sensors, allowing players to feel every hit, exactly where they were hit, during the game. Those who wear glasses are advised to wear contact lenses on the day of the activity itself, although Sandbox does provide prescription lenses that slot into the VR oculus.

Then, we were ready to play!

Photo: Sandbox VR

We started off with The Curse of Davy Jones, a pirate-themed adventure which had us shooting at skeletons, ghosts, and even little goblin-like creatures. Each player carries a gun, with the team leader carrying an additional torch.

Photo: Sandbox VR

After a short break, it was on to Amber Sky 2088! Set in the dystopian future city of New Hong Kong, we played as robotic Attackers and Defenders, sleek androids tasked with fighting off mantis-like Rancor.

Attackers are armed with long-range rifles, which can also turn into flamethrowers, while Defenders have a mid-range pistol and a shield (hello, Captain America!) which can be used boomerang-style as well.

This was one of our favourites: the graphics and effects were outstanding as we fought off the disgusting Rancor enemies, yelling at each other over our headsets. As most of the game took place on an elevator, there was a fan being turned on at some point to simulate wind. One of us even got vertigo when the floor “expanded” to reveal a miles-high drop!

Photo: Sandbox VR

By the time we were done with Amber Sky 2088, we were wiped. But there was still Deadwood Mansion to be played! A zombie-themed game, we would recommend this for players who love a good first-person shooter experience (and horror movie).

In Deadwood Mansion, you play biologists trapped in a mansion overrun by zombies, thanks to an over-ambitious and long-dead evil scientist. Weapons offered were rifles, as well as double pistols for one lucky player. The Beretta rifle had surprising heft to it, and for those who have experience at being snipers in games, would be a good choice!

We really loved the graphics and gameplay of Sandbox’s games: the various zombies, aliens and skeletons gave amazing shock value when they appeared right in front of you, and were surprisingly realistic. The vests, while heavy, vibrated each time we were “shot” and made for a fun battle experience. While there were some technical difficulties regarding the microphone in the VR headset, it’s safe to say that Sandbox VR is a VR experience that is worth going to.

Head down to Sandbox VR for a team-bonding activity with your colleagues, a fun afternoon out with friends and family, or just for a screaming good time!

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181 Orchard Rd, #05-31, Singapore 238896