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Binary, The New Gastro-bar At Palais Renaissance

Located at Palais Renaissance, Binary is a new gastro-bar with a unique binary approach featuring the distinct flavours of Asian and Western cuisine.

Step into the bar and you will feel as though you are miles away from the buzzing city. Binary’s edgy intimate vibe makes it seductive no matter if you’re alone or with a group of friends. It is an oasis in the city for hanging out and having a good time.

From Asian to Western Style to Choose From

For food, Binary brings to the table Asian and Western flavours at their dynamic best, while keeping the two cooking traditions distinct.

Classic recipes from Asian and Western kitchens are discerningly curated. Guests can take their pick of either option – Asian or Western – or simply choose both, as the dishes are perfect for sharing. You can choose from two culinary approaches or enjoy both styles on the same plate.

Iberico Pluma Korean Gochujang

Dishes are created for 2 or more to share; and are curated into six categories: Bread & Chips, Small Plates, Kebabs, Mains, On the Side, and Desserts.

Octopus – Pesto Alla Genovese (Left) and “Lao Gan Ma” Chilli Crisp on (Right)

Bread & Chips (S$14++ each) features two cuisines on a single plate with distinct Asian and Western flavours, such as Homemade Kubaneh Bread with garlic butter & kombu butter. With Small Plates (S$18++ each) and Mains (S$38++ each), the same product is prepared as two separate dishes, using classic recipes from Asian and Western cuisines. The Small Plate of Octopus (supplement S$10++) is prepared with pesto alla genovese or “Lao Gan Ma” chilli crisp. From the Mains, choose the Iberico Pluma in either Argentine chimichurri or Korean gochujang.

Choose your Poison

Have you heard of the saying “no meal is complete without a drink”? Well, this is true at Binary! There are over 60 wine labels for you to choose from.

The bar offers remarkable quality at attractive value are displayed on shelves next to the entrance. Guests can purchase them for takeaway or enjoy them at the table for a dine-in supplement of S$30.

Binary Craft Brew

The beverage programme also features sakes, cocktails, and craft beers, such as the Binary Craft Brew ($16++ per pint),
an exclusive beer from Rye & Pint, a local brewery. The cream ale offers a smooth mouthfeel with notes of corn and caramel, and finishe.

Spice It Up

Binary’s signature cocktails include a refreshing Chrysanthemum Tea (S$24++), comprising house-made chrysanthemum tincture, kaffir lime and lemongrass infusion, and Grand Marnier, topped up with tonic. Furthermore, there is The Spice It Up (S$24++) bursts with punchy flavours from a blend of Macallan 12 with green chilli, curry leaves, lime, and rasam powder.

If you fancy non-alcoholic drinks, coffee and tea are available on the menu as well.

Binary is located at 390 Orchard Road #01-01A Singapore 238871.

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