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A&W’s Second, Larger Outlet Will Open In Ang Mo Kio

A more centrally accessible location that’s almost double the size of the Jewel outlet!

Photos: A&W

Soon, there will be less of a need to brave the long queues at Jewel Changi Airport just to enjoy the classic A&W root beers and burgers, because another outlet is coming! The famous American fast food chain is opening its second Singapore outlet at AMK Hub this July!

The Ang Mo Kio outlet marks A&W’s return to the Singapore heartlands, as there was once an A&W in the Ang Mo Kio neighbourhood before tough competition forced the restaurant chain to leave Singapore and not come back for 16 years. Residents in the North-East region who used to patronise the old A&W in Ang Mo Kio would surely get a double blast of nostalgia, on top of the old-school vibes of the restaurant, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.

For those still worried about queues, we doubt it will be a big issue. The AMK Hub outlet should be able to better accommodate the crowds than the Jewel one, as it is a lot bigger. Compared to the 80-seat outlet at Jewel, the new outlet at AMK Hub can seat nearly 140 people! You can see how spacious it will be based on the artist’s impression of the restaurant below:

Unfortunately, the other difference is not so favorable: the AMK Hub outlet will not be operating 24 hours, unlike the Jewel outlet, but from 10am to 10pm daily. However, it is possible that the hours might extend in the future, as the restaurant looks to introduce both breakfast and late-night supper menus later in the year!

Speaking of menus, the new outlet will serve mostly the same food and drinks served at the Jewel outlet. So you can look forward to enjoying the classic, signature items including the Root Beer (and its Float version), the Coney Dogs, the Mozza Burger and the Waffle Ice-Cream.

To enhance the experience at A&W, the new outlet will also set up a dedicated waffle island that showcases the popular A&W waffles and provide a great backdrop for selfies. Also in the works are promotions for students and a merchandise corner. If you love Rooty bear, the mini store is where you can get plush toys, apparels and more featuring the adorable A&W mascot. These cool features would also be updated from time to time, based on the customers’ responses.

According to CNA, there are plans for a third A&W outlet to be opened in 2020. We’re excited to see where the restaurant chain will expand to next! But until then, Ang Mo Kio might become a new favourite hangout.