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Morton’s The Steakhouse Celebrates 21st Anniversary with Seasonal Menu

Tuck into the best cuts and seasonal treats the renowned steakhouse has to offer in celebration of their 21st anniversary.

21st birthdays are usually unforgettable ones, commemorating the beginning of adulthood. And Morton’s the Steakhouse’s limited edition seasonal menu, launched in celebration of their 21st anniversary in Singapore, is an unforgettable treat indeed!

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Start off your meal with the Strawberry, Arugula and Goat Cheese Salad (S$28++), which offers a bright burst of refreshing summer flavours with its combination of juicy strawberry slices, earthy goat’s cheese, fresh arugula, and candied pecans – all drizzled over with a tasty mint Greek yogurt dressing. A perfect appetiser to whet your appetite, those who aren’t partial to the strong scent of goat’s cheese will be pleased to know that it’s milder in this salad, and pairs well with the Greek yogurt dressing and strawberries – as well as the addictive candied pecans!

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Or, if you want to go for a meaty option with your appetiser, try the Nueske’s Soy Caramel Bacon Steak (S$20++). Two thick-cut slices of bacon are glazed with a marinade consisting of a rich soy caramel sauce, five spice powder, cracked five-peppercorn and soy sauce; resulting in a smoky, umami flavour that reminded us of ngoh hiang!

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Of course, why make a trip to Morton’s if you’re not having steak? Indulge your carnivorous tendencies with the Prime New York Steak Flight (S$168++), a daunting platter of three medallions of gorgeously seared and marbled steaks: the Certified Black Angus All-Natural, USDA Prime and Snake River Farm Premium Wagyu Strip. Served alongside steak juice and a luxurious blue cheese fondue, these steaks are arranged according to grade on your platter, offering you a delightfully gastronomic experience.

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We also enjoyed the 12.oz Bone-in Filet Mignon (S$138++): tender, juicy, and brimming with flavour! The perfect choice for those who love their steaks but aren’t feeling up to working their way through a flight – however, this is a limited-time-only steak option so do take note!

Pair your steak(s) with the summery Roasted Cauliflower with Romesco Sauce (S$28++), a bright, flavourful dish with a dressing of Greek vinaigrette, and a sprinkling of Kalamata olives and crispy capers. Take a bite, and you’ll be transported to the beaches of Catalonia.

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We did mention that steaks are a must-have when it comes to Morton’s, but the Seared Sea Scallops with Lobster & Caviar Butter (S$98++) might just change our minds! Large, luscious scallops sit atop a bed of oyster mushrooms, sweetcorn and lobster meat, with sauteéd baby arugula, before being finished off with caviar butter. You won’t regret ordering this, we promise.

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If you’ve still got room after, don’t forget dessert! We heard someone proclaiming Morton’s to have the best key lime pie in Singapore, and after trying said dessert, we certainly agree! The Key Lime Pie (S$26++), with its silky-smooth filling, crumbly base of graham crackers and indulgent swirl of whipped cream, had the perfect balance of sour and sweet; enticing you to take forkful after forkful to enjoy more of that refreshingly tangy flavour.

The Crème Brûlée (S$26++) too, was delightful, with a wonderfully thick and crackly layer of burnished sugar atop it; and a delicious vanilla fragrance.

Chocolate-lovers, go for the Morton’s Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake (S$36++): a rich, gooey chocolate fondant cake served warm with fragrant vanilla ice-cream, it’s the perfect end to a satisfying meal

Morton’s new seasonal menu is available now for a limited time only.

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