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ATLAS’s New ‘Simple Pleasures’ Drinking Menu – A Celebration of Life’s Joys

Make your regular experience a special one with ATLAS’s new drinking menu. Designed and developed by Head Bartender Lidiyanah’ Yana’ K and the ATLAS team.

ATLAS entered the World’s 50 Best Bar listings the year it opened in 2017. Rising to the No. 4 spot as the Best Bar in Asia in 2020. Their new menu celebrates the simplicity of well-made cocktails and the pleasures that transcend time.

Start your night with four classic cocktails – Martini, Sour, Old Fashioned, and Champagne Cocktails. Each with a beautifully illustrated chapter. Each drink notes its Alcohol by Volume (ABV) percentage which allows you to order according to your drinking journey to suit. Of course, the higher the alcohol percentage, the punchier the drink.

Within the Martini category, you will find the Montgomery 21.6% (S$24.00), named for a specific style of Martini. This herbaceous cocktail is built upon mint tea-infused vodka, dry vermouth and absinthe, and comes with a garnish of olive oil caviar. Each chapter opens with a cocktail made in the milk punch style.

Within the Sours category, you will find the Ode To Odyssey 7.2% (S$22.00), ATLAS’ take on the notoriously labour-intensive Ramos Gin Fizz. From the Old Fashioned chapter, the Valley Of The Ashes is the second most potent drink in its category.

If you or your friends prefer cocktails without alcohol, ATLAS offers them too. In the Champagne Cocktail category, one can find Hope On The Horizon no alcohol (S$14). The non-alcoholic version of the Champagne Cocktail uses kombucha and yuzu to mimic its flavours.

ATLAS seeks to reignite the drinking traditions of this era by underscoring the timeless nature of these iconic cocktails and their ability to resonate with people across generations.

ATLAS is located on the Ground floor, 600 North Bridge Rd, Parkview Square, Singapore 188778.

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