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8 Rice Dumplings To Savour Dragon Boat Festival 2019

From the traditional to the innovative, there's a whole host of rice dumplings to feast on!

With the Dragon Boat Festival, or Duan Wu Festival, nearly upon us (it's falling on the 7th of June this year), we're once again faced with a whole host of dumpling selections to choose from! Whether you love your glutinous rice dumplings savoury or sweet; traditional or creative; filled with abalone, scallop, or even otah, or oozing a delectable creamy custard - there's even a Mao Shan Wang dumpling, as well as healthier options, and a halal option this year - we've got just the list for you! Read on for our picks of the Rice Dumpling Festival - we mean, Duan Wu Festival, this year.

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Photo: Crystal Jade Group

Traditional Hong Kong-style Premium Jinhua Ham with Conpoy Rice Dumpling (S$17.80), Crystal Jade Group

Go back to Cantonese traditions with Crystal Jade Group’s luxurious Traditional Hong Kong-style Premium Jinhua Ham with Conpoy Rice Dumpling – a giant, sumptuous delight packed with umami Jinhua ham, top quality Hokkaido conpoy, roast pork and roast duck. No such phrase as too much of a good thing – you’ll find yourself savouring every bite!

Other wonderful choices include the Black Bean Roast Pork Belly Rice Dumpling (S$8.80) – filled with quintessential Cantonese dumpling ingredients like sweet chestnuts and mung beans, savoury bites of Crystal Jade’s signature juicy roast pork belly, and laced with an aromatic black bean sauce specially-sourced from Taiwan – as well as the Mushroom & Chestnut with Black Glutinous Rice Vegetarian (S$6.80), a beautifully layered dumpling consisting of black and normal glutinous rice, that is brimming with the flavours of dried and fresh sautéed shiitake mushrooms and the sweet crunchy textures of chestnuts.

Available on the Crystal Jade e-store from 29 April to 28 May, while outlet sales are available from 6 May to 7 June. Bundle promotions are available for Jadeite members.

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