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Check Out The 22 Uniqlo Pokémon T-Shirt Designs Arriving In June

They are the winners from the global T-Shirt design contest, created by artists from all over the world

Photos: Uniqlo

We have always looked forward to the products of Uniqlo’s annual UT Grand Prix design competition, which delighted us with wonderful Nintendo, Star Wars and Marvel-themed t-shirts, just to name a few. For the 2019 theme, the Japanese fashion brand went back to Nintendo and zoomed in on the Pokémon world.

More than 18,000 entries were submitted by talented Pokémon fans from over 40 countries, setting a new record for the design competition that first launched in 2005. And reminding us of the immense global popularity of the Pokémon franchise. From the huge pool of entries, the judges narrowed it down to 24 designs that most impressed them. However, on 22 May, Uniqlo released a statement announcing that they have disqualified the grand prize-winner and one of the finalists for violating the contest rules requiring submissions to be original and unpublished – those two designs turned out to have been previously used on unlicensed merchandise that the artists have sold. They therefore will not be sold as t-shirts at Uniqlo stores.

For the curious, here are the two disqualified designs that will not be sold at Uniqlo. The grand prize-winning design features Magikarp and their evolved form Gyarados, while there was also a Mewtwo design (which Uniqlo liked so much they were going to adapt it in two different colours):

Nevertheless, there are 22 amazing and adorable designs remaining that you can shop when they hit stores on 24 June. If you are a Pokémon fan, or just love graphic tees, you need to add them to your wardrobe. There are 10 designs for men, 10 for women, and five for kids. The men’s and women’s t-shirts are priced at $19.90 each, while the kids’ ones are $14.90.

The following are the second and third prize-winning designs:

Awarded second place, this design from a Japanese fan is a clever one, based on Unown blended in with symbols from the Japanese vision test. It will be available in men’s sizes.

The design that won third place is described as “pikachill” by the artist herself, who’s from the United States. Perfect for the summer and the beach! It will be available in both women’s and kids’ sizes.

The other finalists are no less impressive. Here are our personal top picks:

This neon-outlined Pikachu design is adorable and very eye-catching. It will be available in women’s sizes.

Ditto can transform into anything, so why not a refreshing soda? Wear this tee out and prepare to receive compliments from the big Pokémon fans. It will be available in women’s sizes.

The classic “Great Wave off Kanagawa” artwork gets a vibrant Magikarp spin. It will be available in men’s sizes.

Pikachu on a popsicle stick! Show off the cuteness of the iconic yellow Pokémon with this white tee, which will be available in both women’s and kids’ sizes.

Or, wow everyone with this brilliant tee of Pikachu in full action mode with his trainer Ash instead! It will be available in men’s sizes.

The cute Jigglypuff also has its no-nonsense side. Unleash your inner sweet-yet-fierce personality with this tee, which will be available in women’s and sizes.

View all 22 winning designs from the Uniqlo Pokemon-themed UT Grand Prix design competition here. Catch ’em all at Uniqlo stores from 24 June 2019.