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5 Reasons To Love “Descendants Of The Sun” Cafe, Dal.Komm Coffee

The popular South Korean coffee chain is all about music and customisable brew

Photos: Dal.Komm Coffee

Picture this: You're sipping your favourite brew at Dal.Komm Coffee, as Joong Ki oppa takes the seat next to you, eyes fixated on your bashful smile.

At the newly-opened Dal.Komm Coffee, your fantasies can come true. (Disclaimer: Oppa not included.)

Dal.Komm Coffee, which boasts international recognition from its appearances in the wildly popular K-drama series Descendants Of The Sun, has opened its first store in Singapore.

Here are five reasons you'll love it as much as we do:

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3. The non-caffeinated selection is equally good

Not a coffee drinker? Dal.Komm Coffee’s non-caffeinated selection will leave you spoilt for choice.

For something fruity and refreshing, go for their Vitali-Tea collection (hot, $8 or cold, $8.50). The aromatic Apple Lemon comes with chunks of real fruit for a treat, while the Mojito Black is flavoured with lemongrass and mint.

To perk up your day, try the zesty and vitamin C-packed Honey Grapefruit (hot, $8.50 or cold, $8.90). The drink is topped with half a fresh grapefruit that’s been drizzled with honey. Sip, munch and repeat!

For those with an unapologetic sweet tooth, the Strawberry Cube ($8.50) won’t disappoint.

The drink is made with slightly tart, fresh strawberries that are crushed and frozen, then liberally heaped atop iced milk. While we found it a little too saccharine for our liking, those who fancy a sweet and milky concoction should give it a go.

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