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5 Instagrammable & Tasty Eats At Kumoya

Expect to squeal over beautiful Japanese-French inspired desserts and hearty, savoury eats

Photos: Kumoya

What good is a pretty dessert if it leaves a bad taste in your mouth, right?

Thankfully, we found none of that at Kumoya — each item was plated like a work of art and tasted delightful to boot.

Previously Karafuru, the cafe has now been rebranded as Kumoya, which stands for a fluffy cloud house.

Its whimsical name is fitting of the bright and airy enclave, tucked away at Jalan Klapa.

Along with its refurbishment, Kumoya has launched a streamlined menu of Japanese-French inspired pastries and desserts, as well as savoury eats.

Worry not, the same dainty and colourful eclairs which catapulted the cafe to fame, is still available, though now in a petite size. All the better for trying out more flavours!

The savoury items are made with the same dedication accorded to the beautiful desserts and will leave you nicely satisfied.

Here are five items worth a try:

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1. Karaage Chicken, $16.90

The Karaage Chicken isn’t your average midday snack. A mini pancake is served with tender morsels of karaage chicken and brûlée orange seasoned konbu, over a bed of potato chip crunch.

The lightly torched and caramelised orange slices helped to cut through the richness of the crisp karaage chicken, which is best enjoyed with a dash of the accompanying tomato shoyu sauce.

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