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5 Reasons To Love “Descendants Of The Sun” Cafe, Dal.Komm Coffee

The popular South Korean coffee chain is all about music and customisable brew

Photos: Dal.Komm Coffee

Picture this: You’re sipping your favourite brew at Dal.Komm Coffee, as Joong Ki oppa takes the seat next to you, eyes fixated on your bashful smile.

At the newly-opened Dal.Komm Coffee, your fantasies can come true. (Disclaimer: Oppa not included.)

Dal.Komm Coffee, which boasts international recognition from its appearances in the wildly popular K-drama series Descendants Of The Sun, has opened its first store in Singapore.

Here are five reasons you’ll love it as much as we do:

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1. Coffee is customisable

Dal.Komm Coffee’s very streamlined menu offers the option of customising your own coffee.

Customers can enjoy the flexibility of having their coffee drinks, such as Espresso ($4.50), Cappuccino (hot, $6 or cold, $6.50) and Caffé Latte (hot, $6/$7 or cold, $6.50/$7.50) brewed with their pick of three exclusively-sourced Arabica bean blends roasted in Korea.

The mildest intensity starts from K1, which uses beans from Brazil and Costa Rico. The mellow and well-balanced coffee is best enjoyed with a dash of milk.

However, we found ourselves gravitating towards K3, a blend of beans from Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia and Tanzania. The creamy and full-bodied brew offered a smooth mouthfeel with minimal acidity — perfect for those who fancy a rich and strong cuppa.

2. Music is at the heart of the cafe

As the first coffee chain in Korea to highlight music as a way to enhance the café experience for consumers, Dal.Komm Coffee plans to work with local record labels to hold ‘Veranda Live’ events, whereby artistes can promote their new albums.

Plus, there’ll be meet-and-greet sessions for fans to get up close and personal with their favourite singers too.

Budding singers will also have a chance to audition and perform on the cafe’s ‘Open Mic’ stage. Know somebody who loves belting it out at the karaoke or their bathroom? Let them know!

With every purchase, customers will also receive a Music Card with a QR code that can be scanned to access and stream a music video of the singer’s current top hit.

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