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5 Pet Care Products That Actually Work For Dogs With Sensitive Skin

Our furry friends, like us, may suffer from different skin conditions such as dry, flaky skin, eczema, acute dermatitis, allergic reactions, rashes, itchy skin, red and inflamed skin and many more.

There is no definite answer to the root cause of these skin conditions. However, these skin problems have in common because they tend to flare up more. The skin problems are typically due to the hot weather and wetness like in Singapore.

Besides whatever reasons, sometimes it could also be caused by the numerous chemicals in cleaners and detergents. The best way is to keep your environment and your pets’ toys clean.

Introducing the homegrown pet care brand-"For Furry Friends", their products cater to pets with eczema and other skin conditions, intending to alleviate these problems with the 100% natural range of products.

Here are some products that you can add to your furry friend's routine to tackle those nasty skin problems!

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2. Body Healing Balm, S$37.00

If your furkids face Rashes, Hotspots, Bite wounds or Clipper burns, this healing balm can solve these problems. It is specially formulated to encourage superficial wound healing and calm itchy skin. The Body Healing Balm is made of safe and natural ingredients. Furthermore, the healing balm has a light lavender scent from pure essential oil. Another thing about the Body Healing Balm is that it is also licked-safe.

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