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Where To Go According To Your Zodiac Animal This Lunar New Year

Let us point you in the direction where good luck is found

If you're already sporting the right colours during this auspicious season, then further cement 2018 as a bountiful year when you embark on an adventure as guided by the force of fengshui. Based on your zodiac animal, adventurous globetrotters can point their compasses in four directions for luck, namely: Northwest to boost luck and wealth, South to improve grades and witness career advancements, Southwest for those looking for a tranquil retreat, and Southeast to rein in fortune for business-owners.

So where to go? Read the guide done up by the folks from Kayak to find out:

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Zodiac: Rat
Head to: Southwest or Northeast

Cape Town

Stay clear from the northen areas this year, such as Beijing, Mongolia, and the Russian Far East. Instead head in the Southwest or Northeast direction to places such as
Cape Town, Port Louis, Mauritius, Macau, Shanghai, Taichung, Kota Kinabalu

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