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7 Ready-Meals For A Cosy Candlelight Dinner At Home On Valentine’s Day

Save money while beating the V-Day crowd? Sign us up!

Are the city’s insufferable crowds and your lack of culinary skills hindering your plans of a romantic dinner with your beau on Valentine’s Day? Then turn your attention to some ready-made, but still very yummy, meals which you can enjoy in the comforts of your abode. With a little help from fancy dinnerware, you can piece together a sumptuous feast, thanks to these meals’ processing technologies that allow for instant preparation without the comprise of their flavours and nutritional value. So here are seven dishes you can whip up in a jiffy:

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Photo: Chef-In-Box

1. Chef Kim’s Soy Chicken with Glass Noodle

The all-time favourite side dish of glass noodle is now harmonised with juicy chunks of soy chicken.

Price: $6.80
Serving size: 340 g
Available at: Vending machines, retail packs in Supermarkets island-wide, food stores, institutions, or during events, and Chef-in-Box online.

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