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ECOVACS And LINE FRIENDS Work Together To Make Your Spring Cleaning Easier

Picture & video credit: ECOVACS

It’s a tradition to get rid of the old things and start anew before the start of the Lunar New Year. Are you ready to spring clean your place?

Here are the cutest and easiest products that will help you to start the new year in a clean and cosy home.

ECOVACS ROBOTICS has recently launched a Brown Edition Robot Vacuum – DEEBOT U3 LINE FRIENDS BROWN Edition that aims to make home cleaning fun.

You can customize Ms Brown’s mood with the cute Stickers.

ECOVACS ROBOTICS and LINE FRIENDS’ partnership is well suited for a younger, fast-paced generation looking to combine fun and convenience and have more time to do things they enjoy – like making your spring cleaning duties fun and cute, rather than doing the boring household chores.

Compared to the other vacuum robot, the DEEBOT U3 LINE FRIENDS BROWN Edition is the slimmest, and it has a simple design. The robot is only standing at 5.7cm in height! How slim! It can easily clean hard-to-reach areas beneath sofas, shelves and other furniture to deliver a true all-floor surface cleaning solution.

It also brings a revolutionary cleaning experience to users’ homes with ECOVACS’ Smart Navi™ 2.0 visual mapping technology that allows the robot to map a user’s entire home in a systematic cleaning pattern, which optimizes the robots’ room-by-room mapping and cleaning capabilities and guarantees full coverage to avoid missing or re-doing any areas.

ECOVACS’ OZMO™ mopping technology also provides efficient mopping capabilities thanks to the robot’s large water tank and electronically controlled water pump. This means a longer working time while precisely controlling the speed of the water flow to offer a continuous and consistent clean, without over or under damping the cleaning cloth. It also includes a safety feature that prevents water from leaking onto the surface underneath while it’s charging or sitting idle between cleaning cycles.

The best thing is that DEEBOT U3 LINE FRIENDS BROWN Edition can be paired with the ECOVACS Home App as well as other smart home devices including Amazon Echo and Google Home. This offers users greater control and the ease of remote intelligent cleaning by simply tapping their smartphones or using voice commands. Once the robot completes a cleaning cycle, users will receive a report map with cleaning results via the ECOVACS Home App.

It also comes with a special LINE FRIENDS theme for the ECOVACS Home App, putting more fun into every clean.

All in all, the DEEBOT U3 LINE FRIENDS BROWN Edition is not only cute looking, but it is also innovative and useful. It is selling like hot cakes so make sure you grab it before it sold out!

The DEEBOT U3 LINE FRIENDS BROWN Edition is now exclusively available on Shopee, qoo10 and Lazada.

A Chinese version of the article appeared here.