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#BucketList: Wake Up In Pods That Hang Off Cliffside In Peru

The adventurous only need apply

Photo: Natura Vive

The sight of Nature Vive’s Skylodge Suites is enough to send shivers down the spines of those inflicted with acrophobia.

Located in the beautiful valley of Peru’s Sacred Valley, rigged pods are perched precariously on the side of a mountain outside Cusco, 1200ft above the ground below. Climbing gear is secondary for the scale up these lodge capsules. Instead, an adventurous spirit is of paramount importance.


The journey up need not require the prowess of an experienced rock climber as Nature Vive has created a Via Ferrate route – a mountain path that is safe and easily accessible. But don’t be fooled! There’s still enough of the thrill as the route involves crossing a hanging bride suspended above the valley floor and a series of iron bars drilled into the rock face that requires scaling. Alternatively, you can take the Natura Vive route, where it takes you to your destination via a speedy zip line.

The Skylodge Suites are not as tiny and cramped as some may think. Crafted from aerospace aluminium and weather resistant polycarbonate, three mountain pods each measure at 24ft in length and 8ft in height and width that can accommodate up to eight people in total. The pods are also equipped with four beds, a bathroom and a small dining area for a comfortable night’s stay where not looking down isn’t really an option.

If that is a too much of a commitment, Nature Vive also offers just lunch at the Skylodge Suite – a fitting reward of food and spectacular views after conquering great heights.

Prices start from s/175 (SGD$70 per pax) for just the climb, s/770 (SGD$310) per pax for the lunch at the Skylodge Suite, and s/1335 (around SGD$539) per pax for a night’s stay at the suite.

Hit up naturavive.com for more information.