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The Summerhouse, One Year Later

Exciting new things are happening at the multi-concept dining destination

In 2017, we had a lovely time acquainting ourselves with The Summerhouse. Laidback and cosy, the culinary destination struck us an idyllic holiday home, where the only inconvenience is a long drive’s out from the city’s heart.

One year later, the Seletar stunner hasn’t lost a bit of its charm. Instead, those who venture into this far-flung corner of Singapore will find The Summerhouse blossoming with new enhancements for an experience like any other.

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The Summerhouse Dining Room And An Updated Menu 

With its handsome colonial interior bedecked with vintage floral-printed fixtures, The Summerhouse Dining Room is a true picture of enchantment. And now, the sprawling space is fully air-conditioned, with enough room to host up to four private soirees.

The revised quarters also calls for a little facelift to its culinary offerings. Sticking to its nature-driven menu, The Summerhouse has breathed new life into its dishes, focusing on the communal sharing concept, while spotlighting some best produce sourced from Singapore farms.

Some delicious highlights include the charcoal grilled slipper lobster ($16), with courtesy from Singapore’s Seafood Culture, that sits on a hill of homemade pesto before prettily plated with hand-picked herbs from the edible garden, and the wood-fired free-range French Poulet ($28), comprising half a chicken from local Toh Thye San Farm that is steamed, sous vide and then finished off in an Inka charcoal oven.

Operating Hours: 12pm3pm/Brunch (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday); 6pm10pm/Dinner (Wednesday to Sunday, Eve of And Public Holiday)

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