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5 Lesser-Known Mid-Level Designer Bags To Splurge On Without Breaking The Bank

We sussed out stylish arm candies that require just a portion of your paycheck

As we’re fast approaching the mid-year, the more prominent designer labels have not relented with their incessant launches of luxurious bags that our hearts cannot resist. While these brands do a stellar job of hitting where we are vulnerable, our dismal bank statements make an effective diversion to an impulsive swipe of a credit card. However, as they say: When there’s a will, there’s a way. And indeed there’s a way to bagging up stylish leather goods without going hungry for days. Here, we curated five of these mid-level designer bags that you can consider spending your paycheck on; best done so during a time when the likes of Burberry, Balenciaga and Birkin are out of reach.

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1. Matter Matters

If you have a secret geometric obsession,  then Hong Kong-based luxury and lifestyle brand Matter Matters will satiate your love for clean shapes and fine lines. Aside from the symmetrical aesthetics, the brand utilises leather and other unconventional materials to build products that reflect a sort of post-modern art form.

PYTHAGORAS’ shoulder bag, £388

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