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Best Acne Treatments in Singapore

“Blemishes, bumps, pimples, comedones…etc” All these are different names for the same condition: Acne Vulgaris, or simply acne.

Acne is a skin disease that is common in teenagers and young adults. However, it can affect anyone, regardless of age. Some adults continue to experiencing acne issues well beyond their teenage years and undergo treatments to get rid of them. If severe, acne can even affect one’s self-esteem.

Some of the common areas of acne breakouts include the face, back and chest.

Here's a guide to where you can seek effective acne treatments in Singapore, and how much the treatments roughly cost.

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2. Aesthetics Central Clinic

Aesthetics Central Clinic uses AGNES Acne treatment and Q Switch laser to treat acne. The Q Switch laser fires a beam of energy at a precise wavelength (1064nm) onto your skin. The settings of the laser can be tweaked to different frequencies and levels to provide a customized solution and cater to each individual’s different skin conditions.

The Q Switch laser clears acne works in these main ways:
– Killing off P-acne, the bacteria contributing to acne
– Minimising secretion of sebaceous glands (aka oil glands) in your skin to regulate oil control.
– Reducing inflammation of affected pores
– Reducing acne marks after an unfortunate breakout

Aesthetics Central Clinic is located at 8 Eu Tong Sen St, #11-89 The Central, Singapore 059818.

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