Stay In The Trend With These Hello Kitty Items

Do you know that Balenciaga has just revealed a series of Hello Kitty handbags? The same for the other brands too!

Hello Kitty has always been associated with the ladies and the character is rarely seen on apparel for men. It seems like times have changed.

Do not be alarmed as we tell you that these Hello Kitty handbags were designed with men in mind.  The handbag is available in three colours - bubblegum pink, white and black. The front side of the bag is none other than the iconic face of Hello Kitty herself, with the character's iconic red bow.

The handbags first appeared on the runway of Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020 with male models carrying them.

A black satin lining can be seen protruding from the top of the leather bag with the brand, Balenciaga written in white cursive. Hello Kitty's whiskers are replaced with black and white laces on the side, making the bag less feminine-looking.

There are also other brands who are releasing Hello Kitty accessories, bags and even collectibles as well!

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4. Golden Village Hello Kitty Combo Sets

In celebration of Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary, Golden Village has released 2 Hello Kitty Anniversary Combo sets from at all of its snack bars.

Combo A: Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary cup and bucket, nachos, large popcorn and regular drink.
Combo B: Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary cup and bucket, Häagen-Dazs mini cup, large popcorn and regular drink.

Each combo set retails at S$29.50, but if you are a member of GV, you will be entitled to S$1 off. With every purchase of two combo sets, you will also receive a limited edition Hello Kitty inspired notepad.

Psst! You do not have to watch a movie to buy them! 😛

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