Spas & Facials: 8 Ways To Pamper Mum This Mother’s Day

From relaxing spas to rejuvenating facials, give mum the much needed TLC on this joyous occasion

Mother's Day should not be the only time you hang out with your mum, but it should be an excuse to pamper and spoil her. Bring her to a spa, take her out to somewhere fancy, and most importantly, spend time with her. Use this opportunity to reiterate how important she is in your life! To get you started, here are eight spa and facial dates that you can bring mum to on Mother's Day:

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Ikeda Spa Mother's Day Love-vander
Source: Ikeda Spa

5. Ikeda Spa Love-vander spa series

To celebrate this Mother’s Day, Ikeda Spa has launched a limited edition Lavender Spa Series, a spa package that surely many busy mummies will take delight in. Centering around the lavender flower extract from Furano, Hokkaido, the spa series aims to bring deep relaxation to the user by infusing the flower extract into their hinoki onsen and body treatments, a wonderful way to chase away all tiredness which we are sure your mum will thank you for!

The breakdown of this package is a 30 minutes Lavender Honoki Onsen, 90 minutes Lavender Aromatherapy Massage, and a delicious bowl of Bird Nest (first come first serve) going from just $315!

For more information, visit here.

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