#TheWeekendList: 7-9 February 2020

Celebrate early Valentine's Day with your other half at Janice Wong's 2AM Dessert Bar or head to National Stadium for some KpopX Fitness fun!

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6. Verde Kitchen’s Farm-to-Table Menu

Verde Kitchen‘s seasonal menu showcases its chefs’ talents through a modern twist to Asian flavours, incorporating the use of locally farmed produce as part of a continual commitment in advocating for a sustainable food system.

The new seasonal farm-to-table menu spotlights on Asian flavours, showcasing simple yet tasty dishes and living up to its mantra of presenting “real food, full of natural flavours”.


Dishes include:
– Kerabu salad: Shredded locally farmed Lacto chicken tossed with local spice, ginger flower, cabbage, lemongrass and carrots.
– Peranakan-style “Itek Tim” soup: Locally farmed Lacto duck with salted vegetables
– Steamed bao buns with crispy mushrooms: Locally farmed mushrooms with cilantro, lettuce and scallion sandwiched between the soft flat-steamed bao buns served with garlic aioli.
– Impossible™ meat pasta Goreng: Gluten-free organic corn fusilli accompanied with locally farmed tomato, potato, local greens, sweet soy sauce, and spicy sambal sauce.

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