5 Types Of Travellers Who Will Fall In Love With Dubai

Dubai is the ideal destination with a little something for all types of travellers

Dubai, the glamourous and the one of the richest cities in the United Arab Emirates is not only a top travel destination in Asia but also one of the most popular international travel destinations in the world. It has certainly transformed from a fishing settlement to become truly remarkable bringing its own flavour with ultra modernisation and luxury in the whole of Middle East. Here’s how Dubai has become one of the most-loved destinations among all types of travellers.

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Photo: Jumeirah Beach Hotel

3. For the ones who embrace luxury

Look no further than Dubai for a luxury escapade – this city will exceed all your requirements for a luxurious vacation. You can unwind at its pristine beaches within a stone’s throw away from high-end resorts. One such high-end spot is the Jumeirah Beach Hotel which is known for its unique wave-like architecture. Staying true to being a Beach Hotel, this resort owns a private crescent-shaped beach! Your very own beach, just imagine!


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