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6 Tattoo Parlours To Get Freshly Inked In Singapore

Our sunny island has no shortage of great tattoo studios for all your inking endeavours

Tattoos are the true expression of freedom. Gone are the days where tattoos come with a negative stigma; today, tattoos are seen as body art – a way to express your individuality. Whatever your reason for getting inked – be it to have something meaningful or just for aesthetics, there are some incredible artists in Singapore that you should check out!

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Photo: Visual Orgasm

1. Visual Orgasm Tattoo

This tattoo studio is the one to hit if you’re looking to do anything avant-garde. Established in 2005, the team is helmed by tattoo artist, Joseph who is an expert in realism, oriental and biomech tattoos. Fusing abstract and realistic styles of tattooing, you can expect to see a portfolio of fierce and striking tattoos. They have truly shattered the boundaries of art, taking the level of artistic expression to unimaginable heights.

2 Haji Lane | Website

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