5 Types Of Travellers Who Will Fall In Love With Dubai

Dubai is the ideal destination with a little something for all types of travellers

Dubai, the glamourous and the one of the richest cities in the United Arab Emirates is not only a top travel destination in Asia but also one of the most popular international travel destinations in the world. It has certainly transformed from a fishing settlement to become truly remarkable bringing its own flavour with ultra modernisation and luxury in the whole of Middle East. Here’s how Dubai has become one of the most-loved destinations among all types of travellers.

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1. For the sun and sand lovers

Dubai is loved as a travel spot in the Middle East because of its beaches and green areas. Creekside Park is a 221-acre green space that is perfect for a picnic, and if you take the cable car, you’ll be treated to an unobstructed view of the park and the botanical garden. Many beaches along the Jumeirah stretch are only accessible to the hotels’ guests and some require you to pay to have an access to the beaches. It is all worth it for their fine, white sand and clean water. You can also indulge in recreational activities such as jet-skiing, windsurfing, paragliding and deep-sea fishing.

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