6 Cool Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Aquaman’ Hunk Jason Momoa

Get ready to fall even deeper in love with the Hawaiian actor

He slashed his way into our radar as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, and now he’s splashing the royal waters as Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, in the DC cinematic universe. You’ve probably spotted him on many magazines listed as one of the sexiest men alive. Jason Momoa’s a rising star in the making, but how much do you really know about the hottie?

With the solo Aquaman movie coming out in December, the Momoa obsession is heating up. If you’re wondering who this super toned giant is, and why he looks so good shirtless, let us introduce you to the man with these fun facts.

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1. He’s a proud native Hawaiian

Don’t question Jason Momoa’s swimming skills, or be prepared to be sassed! Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and to a father of indigenous Hawaiian descent, Momoa is a real-life Sea King. After getting his degree in Iowa, he moved back to Hawaii to reconnect with his father. You’re looking at Hawaii’s Model of the Year 1999! He’s blatantly proud of his roots, as evident from his tattoos inspired by Hawaiian mythology, and the Hawaiian names he gave his kids (more than that later). Using his rising fame to give back to his community, he led a campaign (“We Are Mauna Kea”) to protest the clearing of the space atop the Mauna Kea volcano to construct a gigantic telescope.

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